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This 12 week complete Steroid Cycle Kit contains everything you need to complete a 12 week steroid cycle that requires Once weekly injections.


Pack contents:
12 x Green needles to draw up
12 x Blue needles to inject in the glute (or quad)

12 x 2ml/2.5ml BD Emerald or 3ml Terumo Syringe
12 x Pre-injection swabs



Terumo have discontinued 2.5ml syringe only syringes, We have replaced these with BD Emerald. Although they are only marked 2ml they do fit 2.5ml Fluid, alternatively we have Terumo 3ml which is a slightly larger syringe.


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12 Week Steroid Cycle Kit Green Blue Needles With Syringes (Once Weekly Shots)

  • 21G Green 1.5" (40mm) 
    23G Blue 1.25" (30mm) 
    2ml/2.5ml or 3ml Sterile Syringes
    CE Marked
    Individually packed
    Single use only
    Latex free

  • Free 1st Class Postage (UK ONLY)
    Dispatched Next Working Day
    Discreet Packaging. 

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